Why is Vaping now a Trend in Pakistan?


Health burden on developing countries due to Tobacco use.

Vape use is gaining a lot of popularity in Pakistan and around the World. Most users start vaping to quit smoking. Smoking has always been a tragedy for third world countries like Pakistan. Tobacco smoking has been harming the treasury, health and spirit of people in Pakistan for ages. However, there is a decent alternative to smoking that is trending nowadays. It’s called vaping or e-cigarettes. They not only act as an alternative but also help individuals to quit smoking in the longer run. People are always inclined to try a new product in the market or a new trend. Like many other trends, different people in Pakistan are jumping onto this bandwagon, too; in no time, Vape will completely replace cigarettes.

Increased Awareness of the health risks of Tobacco use. Vape use reduces those risks.

It goes without saying that most vape consumers are educated, people. They know the side effects of cigarettes that can be hazardous to their health, so most of them are switching to vapes. Let’s be clear. We all have seen at least one of our uncles or family members have serious health conditions due to smoking. The public no longer acts as a puppet and give in to the false advertisements. They’ve evolved. People are trying to find an alternative that does not jeopardize their wallets nor lungs! Another reason for the increasing trend in vaping is its affordability. The reasonable cost prices always attract the masses to try something new. Vapes are easy to carry around and are provided along with rechargeable batteries. Most of the e-liquids used in vapes range from Rs 1500 to just under Rs2500, lasting for many months.

Vape use reduces the risks associated with Tobacco use

 With the increasing concern of the masses towards their health, people are now more aware of the side effects of every product they use. Traditional cigarettes are entitled to fill you up with a specific amount of tobacco every time you inhale. Sometimes, you don’t even know if it’s that specific amount written on the packaging. It could be more and worse!


That’s where vapes come to the rescue. Users can adjust the quantity intake of nicotine through vaping. E-liquids are available in a wide variety of nicotine strengths. Mainly, they range from as low as 0mg of nicotine to as high as 36 mg of nicotine.

You can also choose to vape without any nicotine and get just the right dosage, per your liking. Last but not least, there is no lingering nasty smell. People often feel disturbed and offended by the overpowering smell of cigarettes, and in such cases, vapes are pretty much an effective alternative. You could be vaping now and then, but there would not be any odour that will cause discomfort for you and other people around.

Odour-free experience for the user and others around them.

People tend to experiment with every new product in the market. Whether it’s good or bad, they want to have a new experience. That’s all that matters nowadays. As cigarettes are becoming an orthodox practice with only two of its traditional flavours, vapes have been catching users’ attention with their fun and exciting new flavours every day.


They are available in so many flavours in the market, including chocolate, vanilla, menthol, coconut, watermelon, grapefruit, etc. You could be vaping or inhaling an ice cream. No difference!

So, let’s replace that cigarette now; save your money AND others’ nose too!!

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