9 Best E-Liquid Brands in Pakistan 2022


Top 9 Vape E Juice Brands in Pakistan 2022

A good vape and a good e-juice are the best couple.

To have an ecstatic vaping experience, you need to buy a top-notch vaping device supported with exotic flavoured e-juice.

E-juice companies are flourishing astonishingly in the Pakistani vaping market. Users are experimenting with different flavours of e-juices and going out of their comfort zone to witness something new and refreshing.

However, all of this is only possible if you have exceptional know-how of branded e-juices and which ones will fit your taste buds the most.

To save you from the struggle, here are the top 10 e-juice brands available in Pakistan right now. Have a detailed look at their e-juices and find out different flavours that will savour your taste buds like nothing else!



It is one of the best manufacturers of e-juice all across the world. The company is famous for the deliverance of unique yet ethereal tastes of e-juices.
The VGOD e-juice that’s attracting most of the vapours in Pakistan is Melon Mix Salt Nic. It blends the very essence of fresh melons with a pinch of nicotine salt.

BLVK Unicorn


BLVK revolutionized the vaping market ever since its groundbreaking e-juice flavours hit the market. They designed their flavours to cater to adult smokers looking for a better alternative to traditional cigarettes.
BLVK flavour called unicorn is exceptionally doing good in Pakistan because of its unique taste of vanilla custard.



Skwezed has managed to produce a variety of different flavours out of the sheer essence of grapefruits. It delivers refreshing and exotic e-liquids enriched with tropical sweetness and a delicate sense of fruits.



7 DAZE manufactures different e-juices that can act as a decent tobacco alternative. The company is working to create a buzz of innovation in the vaping industry while keeping all the practices highly ethical and responsible.



Pop Vapors started its journey with disposable nicotine devices. Now they are experimenting with different e-juice flavours. They’ve got a total of 25 different varieties of exotic flavours ranging from tobacco, drinks, fruits, and many more.



It came into being as an e-juice company in 2014. It’s a significant part of the vaping industry. Their most trending product is Kiberry Yogurt. It’s a delectable yoghurt flavour with a slight hint of strawberries and flavoursome kiwi.



“IVG e liquids” is one of the most hyped vaping brands in Pakistan. The company began its journey in the UK in 2016.
The top-notch quality of its products made the brand very popular in a short period.
IVG claims to give the “vaping desire” a mesmerizing kick.

Nasty E-Juice


Nasty E-juice is a Malaysian Line-up of Vape E juices. They are best known for their sweet and rich fruit flavours namely Mango and Grapes. Additionally, Nasty juice is an attractive option for liquids in Pakistan due to its affordability. This brand costs roughly 40% cheaper than similar American or European brands

Dinner Lady E Liquids


There was a time when this brand of E-liquids was topping the lists.

Things however have changed a lot with the arrival of newer varieties and brands. Dinner Lady is still one of the most attractive brands in the vaping world. Dinner lady is known for its high-quality e liquids and rich taste many fail to deliver.

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