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Vampire Vape E Liquids in Pakistan by Vape Station

Vampire Vape started of as a small British based e juice lab back in 2012. The company gained immense success in just a few months. Today Vampire vape produces over 20 different ranges.  The continue to innovate and create more ranges of e liquids with their standard range grow to 54 flavour options. The most profound quality about them is the fact that all its e liquids are a proprietary blend with none of its formula known to public. For VapeFest 2014 they created and manufactured 2 iconic Limited Edition flavours, which have quickly become our most recognised signature flavours, and named them Heisenberg & Pinkman.

At Vape Station, we offer a wide range of vampire vape e cigarette liquids, most notably:

  • Koncept XIX – Phat Drizzle
  • Koncept XIX – All Day Grape
  • Koncept XIX – Blood Sukka
  • Koncept XIX – Golden Thrill
  • Koncept XIX – Heisenberg 60ml
  • Koncept XIX – Kool Kick
  • Koncept XIX – Pie Eyed
  • Koncept XIX – Pinkman
  • Koncept XIX – Poley Rolly
  • Koncept XIX – Sticky Spot
  • Koncept XIX – Tika Taka