The Cost of Vaping vs. Smoking (Cigarettes) in Pakistan:


IS VAPING CHEAPER THAN SMOKING? HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking in Pakistan. Most users understand the risks associated with smoking, whereas vaping is considered a healthier alternative. However, most worry about the costs.  Takeaway: With Vaping, You Can Save Up To Rs 151,500/- Every Year Let’s find out how vaping […]

5 Best Refillable Pods In Pakistan 2023:


5 Best Refillable Pods In Pakistan 2023: Vape Pods Starter Kits have gained popularity in Pakistan as they offer a cost-effective, health-conscious, and odorless alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, making them the preferred choice for many smokers. Refillable pods are the most common type of starter kits used by vapers. However, finding the best refillable […]



Disposable vapes become a new trend in the vaping industry for vapers who want to quit smoking and try new vape flavours. It has become popular too quickly as compared to other vaping devices. Disposable vapes were first introduced in 2004 but were progressively improved after 2020 with the help of emerging innovative technologies. Thousands […]

6 Facts You Need To Know About Vaping

Vaping is the process of inhaling a vapour containing nicotine and flavour, which an E-cigarette produces. These vapes are available in Pakistan at the best prices. You May check the collection of these Vape Pods at Vapestation in Best and Discounted Prices. Refillable and prefilled vapes are available in the markets filled with E-Liquids. It […]

5 Best Refillable Pod Systems in Pakistan 2021 – Vape Review


5 Best Pods in Pakistan – Pod System Kits Review Pod vapes are the most convenient way to fulfil your daily nicotine fix. These compact devices are portable, easy to use, and you can keep experimenting with different flavours of e-liquid. However, finding the best refillable pod vape in Pakistan is not that easy. Instead […]

10 Best Vape Brands in Pakistan


Are you having trouble finding the right e-cigarette for a phenomenal vaping experience? Or are you constantly being scammed by low-quality brands? Now is the time to invest your effort and money in top-notch vaping brands that professionals in Pakistan are using. Vaping industry is constantly flourishing, and new and advanced vaping devices hit the […]

Why RELX is Becoming So Popular in Pakistan?


Are you on the search for the best vape in Pakistan? We recommend trying out RELX – an international vape company with an impeccable reputation. RELX has quickly taken over the popularity of JUUL, and there are several reasons behind this brand’s fame. Here is everything you need to know about why RELX is becoming […]

Cheapest Vapes in Pakistan 2022 – E-Cigarettes at Best Prices.


Cheapest Vapes in Pakistan – Best prices from PKR 2,499.00/- Check out some of the Cheapest Vapes for Starters Online in Pakistan Vaping and electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity every day. More users are now making the switch away from tobacco. With this new trend, many new users are unsure what to buy and what’s […]