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Juul USB Charger


About Vaping Chargers

  There are several factors to consider when choosing the best charger for your vape batteries. Not least of which is the size batteries you use. A charger that can accurately, safely, and promptly charge various sized batteries is what vapers are looking for. But many 18650 chargers don’t take 20700 and 21700 batteries, which are larger and of a higher capacity than 18650. Since those 20-sized batteries are appearing more and more in vapes now, older chargers likely won’t fit those cells Vape batteries, and by extension vape battery chargers, form an essential part to any vaper’s accessories arsenal. It’s important then to know what to look for in a 18650, or a 20700 or a 21700 vape battery charger. The battery charger not only has to charge the batteries. It should also be easy-to-use, compatible with many battery types, and have safety features to keep things like overcharging or short circuits from happening. As vapes continue to evolve, their power sources are also changing.  

Vape Battery Chargers Best of the Best

The battery chargers on this list can service a wide variety of batteries, although two are compatible only with 18650 cells. The rest are multi-platform, meaning they can take various cells, but they were also chosen based on their performance, their features, their price point as well as their ease-of-use.  
  • AWT C4 Vape Battery Charger

  • Nitecore Intellicharger for Vape Batteries New I2 2-slot Charger

  • Juul USB Charger