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Pod mods consist of “pods” both empty or pre-filled with e-juice, and a compact, hand-held battery. The pods fit into a pod bay in the battery. Pods mods usually have no buttons and are draw-activated. They feature USB charging and low-amperage batteries. Pod mods are popular because they are easy-to-use, portable, and compact. No settings to fidget with and no messy refills. Read on to see our list of the best pod system vapes.  

Vaping Coils

The vape coil is a lot like the heart of your mod or e-cigarette kit, it’s the unit responsible for heating up the e-liquid and vapourising it. The coil resistance can be adjusted according to how many wraps of a wire there are, the gauge and type of wire. You’d then measure this resistance with the help of an Ohmmeter. Low resistance coils produce warmer vapour and larger clouds, whereas high resistance coils produce a cooler vape with less current.  


Pre-filled Oil Vape Cartridges make it easy to simply attach a cartridge to a Vape Pen or Battery and start enjoying smooth, rich vapor within seconds. They’re easy to load and come in many great flavors, making the experience of vaporizing even more enjoyable. Prefilled e-cigarette cartridges are designed to give smokers the authentic and satisfying experience they demand. They come in a wide range of flavors such as tobacco, menthol, fruit, dessert and beverage flavors and much more.  

A wide range of Coils / Pods / Cartridges available at our store:- 

  • Acrohm Fush Nano Replacement Pods
  • Aspire AVP Pod Cartridge
  • Aspire Cobble Replacement Pod Cartridge 1.8ml
  • Coil Master SkyNet 8-in-1 Prebuilt Coils
  • Demon Killer 8 in 1 Coil Prebuilt Set
  • Demon Killer Alien V2 Coils 0.25 Ohm
  • Eleaf Melo EC Head 0.3 Ohm Replacement Coil
  • IJOY AI Pod Replacement Cartridges
  • iJoy DM-Mesh Replacement Coil 0.15 Ohm
  • Innokin I.O Replacement Pods
  • Innokin Podin Replacement Coils
  • Innokin Scion Plexus Replacement Coils
  • IPHA Zing Pod Cartridge 2ml
  • JUSTFOG C601 Pod 1.7ml
  • Justfog Minifit Replacement Pod Cartridge 1.5ml
  • Lost Vape Orion DNA Go 0.5 Ohm Replacement Pod
  • Smoant Karat Pod Cartridge 2ml
  • Smoant Pasito 0.6 Ohm Mesh DTL Coils
  • Smoant Pasito RBA Coil Head
  • Smoant S8 Replacement Pod Cartridge 2ml
  • SMOK Mico Replacement Pod Cartridge 1.0 Ohm Regular
  • SMOK Nord 0.6 Ohm Mesh Coil
  • SMOK Nord 1.4 Ohm Regular Coil
  • SMOK Nord Repalcement Pod Cartridge
  • SMOK RPM Replacement Coils
  • SMOK TFV12 Prince M4 0.17 Ohm Replacement Coils
  • SMOK TFV12 Prince Q4 Coils 0.4 Ohm
  • SMOK TFV12 Prince RBA Coil Head
  • SMOK TFV12 Prince X2 Clapton Coil
  • SMOK TFV12 Prince X6 0.15 Ohm Replacement Coils
  • SMOK TFV8 Baby M2 Replacement Coils 0.15 Ohm
  • SMOK TFV8 X Baby T6 0.2 Ohm Replacement Coil
  • Smokjoy Amos Mini Cartridge
  • Smokjoy OPS-1 Replacement Pods
  • Suorin Drop Replacement Pod Cartridges
  • Suorin EDGE Replacement Pod Cartridges
  • Uwell Amulet Pod Cartridge
  • Uwell Caliburn Koko Replacement Pods
  • Vaporesso EUC Ceramic 0.5 Ohm Coils
  • Vaporesso NRG GT4 Replacement Coils 0.15 OHM
  • Vaporesso PodStick Replacement Pods
  • Vaporesso Renova Zero Replacement Pods
  • Vaporesso SKRR QF Mesh Replacement Coils 0.2 OHM
  • VEIIK Airo Replacement Pod Cartridge
  • Vladdin Re Replacement Pods
  • VOOPOO DRAG Nano S1 Pod Cartridge
  • Voopoo Pnp Replacement Coils
  • VOOPOO Rota Replacement Pods
  • Voopoo Uforce N3 Replacement Coil 0.2 Ohm
  • Voopoo Uforce U2 Replacement Coil 0.4 Ohm
  • Voopoo Uforce U8 Replacement Coil 0.15 Ohm
  • VOOPOO VINCI Replacement Pod Cartridge 5.5ml
  • Wotofo Mesh Style Coils For Mesh RDA
  • IJOY KM Mesh Replacement Coils 0.15 OHM
  • Aspire Breeze Replacement Coils 0.6 OHM
  • Aspire Nautilus BVC 1.8 Ohm Replacement Coil
  • JomoTech Lite 40 Organic Cotton Coils 0.5 ohm
  • Kanger SubTank OCC Replacement Coils 0.5
  • OBS M1 Mesh Replacement Coil 0.2ohm
  • SMOK Baby V2 S1 Replacement Coils 0.15ohm
  • SMOK TFV8 Baby Q2 Replacement Coils 0.4 Ohm –
  • SMOK TFV8 Baby X4 Replacement Coils 0.15 Ohm
  • SMOK Vape Pen Replacement Coils 0.3 Ohm
  • VOOPOO PnP-R1 Coil 0.8ohm