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About Vape Cotton

  Vape cotton is untreated cotton, often in organic varieties that provide absorbent wicking for vape coils. There wasn’t always a market for “vape cotton.” Originally vapers had to use the best option they could find, which was typically organic (unbleached) cotton balls from corner pharmacies. But a lot of store-bought cotton isn’t advisable to use. Much of it is processed with bleach and dyes. Previously, vapers would boil and dry their cotton, but it’s so much easier to just buy a pack of cotton designed for wicking. Eventually, Japanese organic cotton became the gold standard. Vapers figured out they could purchase these small pads of cotton, which were inexpensive and perfect for wicking. Originally marketed for skincare purposes, it wasn’t long before Japanese cotton was being marketed to vapers. Today there are literally dozens of brands that sell cotton specifically for vaping. Companies have been getting more creative lately with products like Cotton Bacon which come in strips that make it easier to get that perfect wick.  

Our wide range of Vape Cotton at VapeStation includes:

  • WICK ‘N’ VAPE Organic Cotton Bacon
  • Wick ‘n’ Vape Organic Cotton Bacon Prime
  • XFKM Vape Organic Cotton
  • Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton
  • Vapefly Firebolt Vape Organic Cotton