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The VEIIK MICKO PIE DISPOSABLE VAPORIZER comes in various flavours for selection. The VEIIK Micko Pie Disposable Kit has 500mAh built-in battery and original Japanese organic cotton coil.

The Kit adopts 1.8ohm coil resistance for rich and pure flavour. Each VEIIK Micko Pie Disposable Kit supports a 600 puffs vape. Just get the VEIIK Micko π Disposable Kit and enjoy an on-the-go vape.

High-quality material: 304 stainless-steel | 3mL Cartridge Capacity

About VEIIK Micko Pie Disposables

VEIIK MICKO π PIE DISPOSABLE features a long-lasting 3mL e-liquid capacity and supports 600 puffs vape. The VEIIK Micko π Disposable Kit adopts 1.8ohm coil resistance for rich and pure flavour. A compact and portable small disposable vaporizer with various flavours.

VEIIK Micko Pie Price:

VapeStation offers a wide range of VEIIK products. The MICKO PIE disposable pens are available for online sale in Pakistan. Prices start from PKR 1,499/-



  • Strawberry Cake

E-juice infused with a strawberry cake and sweet notes of creamy goodness.

  • Apple Ice

 Apple ice vape with a hit of ice and fresh apple juice to make it extra refreshing.

  • Banana Ice

 A sweet fruity blend of delicious bananas with an icy hit.

  • Berry Blast

Collection of berries to give a strong blasting flavour.

  • Blueberry Ice

A fusion of sweet & tart blueberry tied together with icy menthol notes.

  • Energy Ice

A fruit, menthol flavour churned up with ice to boost your taste buds.

  • Grape Ice

Fresh grape juice flavour tastes like bubble gum with a refreshing kick of cool.

  • Peach Ice

A delicate mix of luscious peaches with ice to give a satisfying taste.

  • Pineapple Ice

The vape gives a sweet tangy taste of pineapple juice with a hint of ice.

  • Watermelon Ice

A classic taste of subtle, sweet watermelon juice to give a refreshing taste. 

  • Pomegranate

Enjoy a wonderful strong taste of pomegranate e-juice.


About the Company


Germany Zhang founded the company in 2013. The company is based in the famous “eCig city” of Shenzhen.

Eason Liu, along with Germany, founded the brand VEIIK in 2018. The idea was to create high-end professional vaporisers. 

Although the company is based in China, they carry out all the research and development in the US.

Wanna Tech Co., Ltd focuses on high-tech design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales of electronic cigarettes.