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The best prefilled replacement pods in Pakistan are now available to vaping enthusiasts with the RELX Pro and Classic Pod. These ground-breaking pods provide unmatched convenience, performance, and flavour while satisfying various individual preferences. The generous 2.0ml capacity of e-juice of the Classic Pods, which come in packs of three and offer 650 puffs each, allows them to be used instead of three packs of conventional cigarettes. The Pro Pods, on the other hand, provide an equally impressive experience with 650 puffs per pod (approx) and 1.9mL of e-liquid per pod. Both variants include advanced technologies like Air Boost’s negative pressure airway design and Active-Steam Pro’s constant and balanced atomizing, which ensure a consistently satisfying experience. In Pakistan, pro pod prices start from just Rs899/-, and classic pods are just ₨2,099/-. And just on Vapestation, you can get this fantastic collection of RELX Disposable Pods for online sale in Pakistan.


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Introducing the RELX Classic Pods - 

A revolutionary way to satisfy your nicotine cravings in an elegant, efficient, and hassle-free manner. Each pack contains 3 high-quality replacement pods designed exclusively with the RELX Classic Starter Kit. These pods offer the perfect balance between convenience and performance, making them an ideal device for vapers seeking a premium experience. Shop your device online in Pakistan from Vapestation for just ₨2,099/-.

One RELX Classic Pod is equivalent to three packs of traditional cigarettes, offering impressive longevity and value for money. Choose 5% and 2% nicotine strength options to suit your preference, and gradually reduce your nicotine intake if desired.

Each pod has a generous 2.0ml capacity of e-juice for your Vape pen, providing approximately 650 puffs to keep you going throughout the day. The heating wire resistance ranges from 1 to 1.2 ohms, ensuring consistent and smooth vapour production with every puff. The maximum wattage of 6W delivers a satisfying hit without compromising battery life.

Please note that RELX Classic Pods are only compatible with the RELX Classic Starter Kit. These pods are not intended for use with other vaping devices or systems.

Upgrade your vaping experience with RELX Classic Pods and enjoy a modern alternative to traditional smoking.

Introducing the RELX Pro Pods-

An innovative vaping solution for those prioritizing quality and performance. These prefilled pods are specifically tailored for the RELX Infinity and Essential devices, offering users a seamless and enjoyable experience. With diverse enticing flavours, you can find the perfect taste to match your preferences and elevate your vaping journey.

Each RELX Pro Replacement Pod features a 3% nicotine strength, providing a satisfying and controlled nicotine intake. The pods come prefilled with 1.9mL of premium e-liquid for your e-cigarette, offering approximately 650 puffs per pod, ensuring long-lasting satisfaction and convenience.

One of the standout features of the RELX Pro Pods is the innovative leak-resistant maze coil. This advanced technology minimizes the risk of leakage and ensures consistent vapour production. The ergonomic mouthpiece design further enhances the vaping experience by providing a comfortable and enjoyable feel with every puff.

The Air Boost technology utilizes a negative pressure airway design to produce a smoother and richer vapour. At the same time, the Active-Steam Pro ensures constant and balanced atomization for a consistent, satisfying experience.

The extensive Delicious E-Juice Flavours available include Sunny Sparkle, Banana Freeze, Blueberry Splash, Dark Sparkle, Exotic Passion, Fresh Red, Garden's Heart, Golden Slice, Hawaiian, Mellow Melody, Sunset Paradise (Guava ICE), and Orchard Rounds.

Upgrade to the RELX Pro Pods and experience the perfect fusion of style, performance, and flavour in every puff. Shop your device online in Pakistan from Vapestation Price starts from just Rs899/-.