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RELX Pods Classic and Pro

VapeStation brings this amazing collection of RELX PODS for online sale in Pakistan. Check out our collection of Classic and Pod Pro below.

The Relx Classic Pods are compatible with Classic Kit and the Relx Pod Pro are compatible with the Infinity & Essential Device Kit

Prices Start at PKR 799/-


Relx Classic Pods and Relx Pod Pro by Vapestation

Vapestation brings you a diverse collection of RELX flavours for all its three devices which include:

  • Infinity Kit,
  • Essential Kit
  • Classic Kit.

RELX Pod Pro

RELX Pod Pro is compatible with the Essential and Infinity Device Kit. These Pods are offered in Packs of 1, 4 & 10. Prices start from PKR 799/- These RELX Pods are available in nicotine strengths of 3% & 5%. Some of the flavours we offer include:

  • Sunny Sparkle (Orange Soda ICE)
  • Tangy Purple (Grape ICE)
  • Garden’s Heart (Strawberry ICE)
  • Golden Slice (Mango ICE)
  • Fresh Red (Watermelon ICE)
  • Rich Tobacco
  • Menthol Plus
  • Dark Sparkle (ICE Cola)
  • Hawaiian Sunshine (Pineapple ICE)
  • White Freeze (ICY Slush)
  • Exotic Passion (Passion Fruit)
  • Menthol XTRA
  • Mellow Melody (Honeydew ICE)
  • Sunset Paradise (Guava ICE)
  • Orchard Rounds

Benifits for RELX Pod Pro:

  • Great taste and super smooth experience
  • Comfortable Temperature
  • Optimized Draw Resistance
  • Fast & Sensitive Activation
  • Quiet Use
  • Rich Vapor

RELX Classic Pods

The Classic pods are compatible with RELX Classic Device Kit. These pods are offered in Packs of 3. Prices from PKR 2,399/-These RELX Pods are available in nicotine strengths of 2%,3% & 5%. Some of the flavours we sell include:

  • Fresh Red (Watermelon ICE)
  • White Freeze
  • Classic Tobacco
  • Tangy Purple (Grape ICE)
  • Mint
  • Tropical Fruit
  • Fruit Tea
  • Exotic Passion (Passion Fruit ICE)