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IQOS HEETS are specially designed tobacco sticks made with a blend of tobacco varieties, carefully selected and blended by tobacco experts, used with IQOS heat, not burn tobacco system. IQOS cigarettes are made with high-quality tobacco, which is finely ground and compressed into a stick shape to use with IQOS Devices. These HEETS are available in various flavours like amber, yellow, turquoise, sienna and more. Each HEETS flavour has a unique taste and aroma profile achieved by different combinations of tobacco blends. Each Heet can be enjoyed up to 14 puffs. Iqos cigarettes are marked worldwide as a potentially less harmful alternative to traditional cigarette smoking, producing 95% lower toxic chemicals than a conventional cigarette. In Pakistan, Vapestation provides services near you, Online and at its outlet. Buy your favourite IQOS Heat Sticks in Pakistan at just the Price of ₨7,499.00/-.

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  1. Heat-not-burn technology: IQOS utilizes a patented heat-not-burn technology that heats tobacco sticks, known as HEETS or HeatSticks, instead of burning them. This process releases nicotine and tobacco flavours without combustion, producing fewer harmful chemicals than cigarette smoke.
  2. Real tobacco experience: Unlike vape pens that use e-liquids, IQOS provides users with a more authentic experience by using specially processed tobacco in their HEETS sticks. This allows users to enjoy the taste and sensation of smoking without many harmful by-products associated with combustion.
  3. Reduced harm potential: While not risk-free, IQOS is considered a reduced-risk tobacco product compared to traditional cigarettes. The heat-not-burn technology generates significantly fewer toxicants, making it a potentially less harmful alternative for adult smokers.
  4. Advanced design: IQOS devices are designed precisely, featuring a sleek and modern appearance. The devices are user-friendlyeasy to clean, and compact, making them portable and convenient for everyday use.
  5. Regulation and scientific research: PMI has invested in extensive scientific research and conducted numerous clinical studies to substantiate the reduced-risk claims of IQOS. The brand is committed to transparency and collaborates with regulatory bodies worldwide to ensure its products meet safety and quality standards.