What is THC / CBD E- Liquid and why should you avoid it


THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main psychoactive component of Cannabis. Which results mainly in euphoria, also referred to as “high” by users.

Most THC E Liquids found in the market are Illicit and Illegal. Not regulated by any health related authorities and not tested. Either by experts or regulatory compliance bodies.

Are THC E-liquids and Cartridges Legal in Pakistan?

No, they are not. You must note the fact that anything related to Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, THC, including its edibles are outright illegal and banned in Pakistan.

THC E Juice Health Effects


Moreover, there have been many documented cases of users being hospitalized for Vaping Illegally sourced Cannabis E liquids. These options are either available online, or through street dealers. Who have absolutely no regard for a user’s health. Potentially life threatening conditions have aroused due to such products.

In 2019, there have been at least 4 confirmed deaths, and around 400 hospitalization reports in USA alone. It was initially revealed that they we using normal vapes and e liquids. However, further investigations later revealed, that ALL of them had used illicit street sourced THC e juice cartridges.

Keeping aside the fact that THC E liquids are dangerous, we must understand the legal implications of these. Cannabis is completely banned in Pakistan. Therefore, possession can lead to serious troubles with the law enforcement authorities.

CBD E liquids


CBD (Cannabidiol) is another chemical found in Cannabis. CBD is slowly gaining popularity among medical experts due to its health benefits. Mainly for migraine, depression, nausea among hundreds of other conditions.

Although CBD e-liquids and other CBD products are legal in some parts of the world, and have been medically prescribed by qualified doctors. We must not forget the fact that Pakistan has completely banned the use of medical marijuana. Which means that we should avoid all such sort of dealing and transactions.

CBD vs THC E liquids and their Health Implications

Although the two are found in the same plant, they vary considerably.

The most important and simple difference is the fact that THC is psychoactive which results in a “high” while CBD is a mellow chemical mainly known for its medical benefits.

Stay Safe and Beware of Shady Sellers Claiming so called “original” THC / CBD Liquids

There have been many cases of sellers. both within Pakistan and abroad. Claiming to sell “original” THC / CBD Liquids from different countries such as Netherlands or Canada.

You must however understand, that getting involved in such dealings is completely outlawed in Pakistan.

Additionally, you must understand the fact that their claims may not be correct, and can lead to serious health effects. As mentioned earlier in the post. As they can be homemade, untested liquids. Made from Unknown ingredients, which may be harmful to lungs and mouth once vaped.