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MTL Tanks for sale online at VapeStation in Pakistan. MTL tanks are ideal, if you are using a box mod, while still wanting to enjoy the tighter draw of an MTL device, so you can use NIC salt e Liquids. This allows users to consume higher nicotine levels, while still avoiding the harsh throat hit that you would get from using nicotine salts in sub ohm tanks.

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About Vaping MTL Tank

If you’re among the millions of smokers trying to quit, or you’ve been vaping for a while and you’re looking for a new experience, mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping might be the best choice for you. MTL vaping is becoming more popular among users, thanks to its stellar performance. Choosing between MTL vaping and direct lung vaping all comes down to the equipment and vape juice you use. But the decision will shape your overall vaping experience. There’s no right or wrong method, but each has its own advantages.

What Is an MTL Tank?

MTL tanks are designed to provide an experience that mimics cigarettes, making them a popular choice among ex-smokers. Due to this, they are often used with high-strength, nicotine vape juice. That said, MTL tanks aren’t exclusive to vapers looking to transition away from cigarettes. Many vapers enjoy the concentrated flavor and restrictive airflow that MTL tanks provide. This is due to the higher-ohm coils that run on less wattage, creating smaller clouds that are more discreet.

Mouth-to-Lung Vaping

  • Mouth-to-lung vaping is essentially the same as how most people take a drag off a cigarette. The vape is sucked into the mouth, held for a few seconds, then inhaled into the throat and lungs, and exhaled.
  • Due to the similarity to the experience of smoking combustible cigarettes, MTL vaping is common among newer vapers. In addition to simulating the action of smoking a cigarette, the sensation is much closer. The burning and tingling in the throat (throat hit) is subtle, providing a smoother sensation when compared to the harsh, less authentic experience of direct-to-lung vaping.
  • MTL vaping is also appealing to vapers looking to experience the maximum flavor with a small cloud. Because the vapor is held in the mouth, the tongue has an opportunity to appreciate the nuanced flavors in the vape juice. The low cloud production is preferable for vaping in public as well, especially in areas with children.

This is accomplished with the following features:

  • Narrow airflow channels to and from the coil: These provide you with some resistance when vaping, causing the air to flow through a restricted area to reach your mouth. This creates a tight draw.
  • Single round-wire, high-resistance coils: Most MTL coils are constructed from a fine, round wire that will not vaporize too much vape juice at one time, providing a lower consumption of high-nicotine vape juice. These can be powered at a lower power range than larger, multistrand coils.
  • Smaller chimneys: The reduced chimney size maximizes the flavor of the vape juice, while also ensuring you get a strong, defined throat hit.
  • Thin-bore 510 drip tips: The thinner mouthpieces reduce the airflow and create a sensation similar to that of smoking a cigarette.

MTL Vaping Versus Direct Lung Vaping

  • MTL vaping is when you take a drag of vapor before inhaling it into the lungs. MTL vape tanks are designed for this type of use and will have a narrower drip and tighter draw to provide the best experience. MTL vapers report a more pronounced flavor when MTL inhaling and claim it’s much closer to the sensation of smoking.
  • With direct-lung (DL) vaping, you take a direct draw into the lungs. This is more common with exclusive vapers, though some vapers choose this method because it’s close to the way they smoked cigarettes.
  • DL vaping was traditionally only done by vapers that used drippers. But now tanks are on the market to accommodate a wide variety of vapers. These are mainly in the form of sub-ohm tanks that have wider bore drip tips and increased airflow.

How to Use an MTL Tank?

  • Using an MTL tank isn’t that different than conventional vaping, but it does take some getting used to.
  • Begin by priming your coil. Drip around five drops of vape juice in the center of the coil and fix it to the atomizer. Fill up the tank completely, and allow it to rest for a period of time to saturate the wick. This prevents a dry hit that can occur as soon as you fire up the tank.
  • Check the recommended wattage of the coil. This is usually found on the coil itself or its packaging. Begin firing at the lowest recommended wattage and work your way up, increasing the wattage by one watt for every few hits. This will help you find your ideal level without causing unnecessary stress to the coil. Be careful not to exceed the recommended wattage, since most tanks are rated accurately. Exceeding the wattage can cause unpleasant dry hits.
  • When you are just starting out, be careful not to be too vigorous with your draws on an MTL tank. Start with slow, steady pulls with little force, allowing you to adjust to the experience. If you pull too hard, you could choke on the airflow and cough excessively.

Benefits of MTL Tanks

In addition to the many benefits of MTL vaping, MTL tanks offer some unique advantages of their own.
  1. Size: MTL tanks are generally smaller than sub-ohm tanks and more portable. The typical diameter is 22 millimeters, and many MTL tanks are smaller than that. To compare, a typical sub-ohm tank is roughly 24 millimeters.
  2. Vape juice consumption: An MTL tank uses less vape juice, since the parts that make up the tank are smaller than other tank types. Smaller coils and wick holes leave less juice on the coil, so you consume less juice.
  3. Discreet vaping: The low vapor production makes vaping in public more discreet. This is commonly referred to as “stealth vaping.” If you like to vape in public places and don’t want to disturb others, an MTL tank is the best way.
  4. Nicotine salt compatibility: Nicotine salts are often used with pod systems and starter kits. But an increasing number of MTL tanks have coils designed for nic salt compatibility.
  5. Less leaks: All tanks have the possibility of leakage, but the smaller airflow channels of MTL tanks ensure the leaks are small and won’t cause damage. In addition, smaller tanks make it easier to troubleshoot the leaking problem.
  6. Coil longevity: With less vape juice going through the coils, they tend to last longer. Generally, the coils in an MTL tank can last around one to two weeks with average use.

Our wide range of MTL Tanks Collection at VapeStation includes:

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