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Slugger Disposable Vape In Pakistan:

Slugger Disposable Vape Price in Pakistan Rs 3,449/- . These devices are manufactured conveniently and quickly without requiring assembly or maintenance. Sluggers prefilled pods are offering you their premium quality Disposable Vapes. It comes in 15ml E-liquid capacity & It has high puff count of 6000 puffs. These Just open the box, take out the vape and enjoy the rich and smooth E-Juice Flavours. You don’t have to be worried about the charging and refilling of your e-liquid. These e-cigarette comes in multiple nicotine strengths like 2% or 20mg 4% or 40mg, 5% or 50mg to give you a perfect nicotine hit. It is our most popular product as you can use it hassle-free. Shop online at Vapestation and get the quality Slugger E-cigarette with a long-lasting battery at your doorstep.

Benefits Of Slugger Disposable Vapes:

    • Convenience: The Slugger Disposable Is Easy To Use And Doesn't Require Any Buttons, Making It A Hassle-Free Option For Those Who Want To Vape On The Go.
    • Cost-Effective: With Its Long Battery Life And High Puff Count, The Slugger Disposable May Be More Economical Than Other Vape Devices In The Long Run.
    • Wide Range Of Flavours: The Slugger Disposable Comes In 10 Different Flavours, Giving Users The Opportunity To Try New Tastes And Find Their Favorites.
    • Rechargeable: Although The Device Is Disposable, It Can Be Recharged, Giving Users The Option To Extend Its Life If Desired.
    • Potentially Less Harmful: Some People Use Vape Devices As An Alternative To Smoking Tobacco Products, And The Slugger Disposable May Be A Safer Option For Them. However, It's Important To Note That Vaping Still Carries Risks And May Not Be Safe For Everyone.
Flavours Of Slugger Prefilled Vape: The slugger vapes have a variety of flavours which are fruity, sweet, menthol and many others.
      • Blueberry Bubble Gum Ice
      • Bluerazz Grape Lemon Ice
      • Grape Ice
      • Grape Peach Cherry Ice
      • Grape Watermelon Ice
      • Mango Guava Blackcurrant Ice
      • Mango Lychee Ice
      • Mango Strawberry Ice
      • Peach Blue Raspberry Ice
      • Pineapple Peach Mango Ice
      • Spearmint
      • Watermelon Blueberry Blackcurrant Ice
      • Watermelon Ice