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GEEK Bar Disposable Vapes Online in Pakistan

Welcome the GEEK Bar Disposable Pod Device with a crystal clear appearance. The GEEK Bar Disposable Pod Device is powered by a 500mAh battery & can offer 575 Puffs with 2.4ml/2ml pre-filled juice. This Disposable Pod will bring you amazing flavour with a real smooth taste.
Pod capacity: 2.4ml/2ml pre-filled juice | Nicotine content: 5%Nic Salt

About GEEK BAR Disposable

The GEEK Bar Disposable vapes are by
Geekvape is a vape company founded in 2015. It is an innovative technology company based in Shenzhen city, China. The Geek bar disposable pod has a constant power output and a taste system that offers a real smooth taste.

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About GEEK Bar Disposable

 The Geek Bar disposable pod has a constant power output and a long-lasting taste system that offers a smooth taste. GEEK Bar disposable e-cigarette device offers MTL Disposable Pod Kit available in a wide range of flavours. The GEEK Bar Disposable Pod Device is powered by a 500mAh battery & can offer 575 Puffs with 2.4ml/2ml pre-filled juice. This Disposable Pod will bring you amazing flavour with a real smooth taste.

GEEK VAPE Bar Price:

VapeStation offers a wide range of GEEK Bar Disposables. The GEEK Bar disposable pens are available for online sale in Pakistan. Prices start from PKR 1,499/-




Blueberry Ice 

A perfect blend of blueberries with twisted ice makes a sweet refreshing  combination

Refreshing, sweet but a bit of tarty.

Lychee Ice 

The sweet and mild taste appears when lychee partners with ice.

Unique, super fresh and sweet.


Light smokey taste with earthy notes of dark tobacco.

Classic, potent and earthy.

Watermelon Ice 

A perfect summer delight with a sweet watermelon juice

Fresh, sweet, and excessively fruity.

Mango Ice 

A juicy flavour with a fruity aroma that tastes like a real ripe mango

Zesty, extremely toothsome, and sweet.

Sweet Strawberry 

Luscious strawberry e-liquid with a very fruity tangy flavour.

Tasteful, juicy with a lingering sweetness.


About Company 

GEEK BAR established in 2015, is an e-cigarette brand. It is well known for its disposable vape devices made with love for adults who desire to vape smarter. As more adult vapers find that disposables provide a satisfying vape experience. GEEK BAR wants to offer vapers a great tasting, convenient, easy-to-use design with high-quality material and a pocket-friendly vape experience across e-cig brands.



  • What Is GEEK BAR?

GEEK BAR is a simple disposable vape device that is easy to use with exceptional flavours.

  • What Is the Minimum Age to Purchase GEEK BAR?

You must be of 18 years of age in Pakistan to purchase a GEEK BAR.

  • How to Use GEEK BAR?

 Simply open the package, and then take a hit!

  • How Long Can a GEEK BAR Last

It depends on how heavily and how often you use it. But GEEK BAR lasts longer than most of the disposable e-cigarette bars/sticks in the market. Because GEEK BAR has at least 575 puffs, which is 90% more than other disposable e-cigarette bars/sticks in the market

  • How to Know When a GEEK BAR Is Empty?

When you cannot puff out anything, it is empty. But the last draw will not taste burnt at all, as our GEEK BAR is consistent from beginning to end.

  • What Are the GEEK BAR Warranty and Return Policy?

It depends on where you purchased it. Please contact the retailer where your device was purchased, and provide your original purchase receipt.

  • Why Does GEEK BAR Look Different from Other Disposable Vapes?

Unlike most of the disposables that used metal shell and rubber paint, which is not supposed to be put into the mouth, we have used FDA certified food grade shell to make your vape experience safe and hygienic. This is unprecedented in the market.

  • Is There Anything Special About GEEK BAR’s Flavor?

With simply 1 draw, GEEK BAR would be right up in your alley. GEEK BAR has uncomparable flavour among ALL disposables e-cigarette sticks in the market. Every puff would give you a solid throat hit, deep satisfaction, which is as awesome as your morning sip.

  • How To Spot FAKE GEEK BAR?
  1. Security code image
    Real: The image is smooth and complete, and seamlessly connects with the surrounding dots. And the image is consistent with the light source. Fake: The image is grid-like as a whole, with band-like afterimages connected, while the image is opposite to the light source.
    2. Security Code
    Real: When you enter your security code in Geekbar Website(; Shows 'Valid security code' with a green tick icon. Fake: 1. When you just scratch off the coating and enter your security code in the Geekbar website for the first time, but shows 'Valid security code but being queried already'. Be aware of this warming, it's probably a fake. 2. Shows 'Sorry, invalid security code'.
    3. Product package
    Real: Packaging is printed in high quality. The Colour turns to be bright and shining. Fake: Low-quality printing of Packaging. The colour of the product rendering is very dark.
    4. The Opening of the box
    Real: The opening direction of the box is on the back. Fake: The opening direction of the box is on the front.