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Fruits Others Flavour Vape E-Liquids

When all other flavours don’t seem satisfying anymore, you can start experimenting with some unique vape e-liquids that are likely to hit the spot. Try a cucumber e-liquid that delivers a rare yet subtle note of floral fragrances. With just the right amount of sweetness, a cucumber e-liquid can give you a satisfying vape experience without being too harsh on your throat.

With citrus e-liquids like lemon and lime, you can add a touch of sourness to every other e-liquid. Balance out the acidic taste with a touch of menthol, and you’re good to go. For an extremely rare vape flavour, try dragon fruit e-liquids that offer the same taste as the exotic fruit itself. Blend it with watermelon or menthol to create a refreshing inhale that tingles your tastebuds.