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Ruthless Nic Salt E-Liquids are made by the same famous US manufacturer Ruthless. They are known in the industry for their high quality, tasty fruit blends, and now they are finally available in 50%VG & 50% PG Nicotine Salts blends. Best sellers Like Ez Duz it, Ez Duz It on Ice, Grape Drank, Grape Drank on ICE, Stirzzy and Jungle Fever are all available in 30ml bottles with 35mg And 50mg of Nicotine Salt. This makes them ideal for lowe powered devices such as Starter Kits and Pod Devices, delivering a smooth throat hit and amazing flavour.

Here are just some of the most popular vape juices from the Ruthless Vapor line which include: EZ DUZ IT: A refreshing fruit blend. On the inhale, luscious strawberries hit the sweet tooth. On the exhale, cool watermelon balances out the flavor. EZ DUZ IT ON ICE Adding a hit of cold menthol to sweet strawberries and cool watermelon. Grape Drank: Nice thirst-quenching vape juice provides juicy grapes on the inhale and sweet grape soda on the exhale. Grape Drank On Ice: Mixes juicy grapes, grape soda and ice-cold menthol. Jungle Fever Will make you feel like you are on a tropical island. On the inhale, sweet mango and tangy pineapple tease the taste buds. On the exhale, citrus brightens up the flavor experience. Swamp Thang: Offering a satisfying sour apple flavor that hits the tongue on the inhale. On the exhale, authentic granny smith apple flavor refreshes the palate. Menage A Trois: Offering creamy creme brulee cheesecake on the inhale and juicy raspberries on the exhale. Mandingo: On the inhale, Mandingo delivers authentic banana nut goodness to the tongue. On the exhale, warm cinnamon comforts the taste buds. Peach Fuzz: When you inhale Peach Fuzz, juicy, ripe peaches will delight the tongue. On the exhale, luxurious cream smooths out the flavor. Rise: An exotic fruit blend provides sweet mango on the inhale and bright, sugary lychee on the exhale. Rise On Ice: Combines succulent mango, exotic lychee and cold, refreshing menthol. SherBAE: For orange sherbet fans, SherBae delivers bright, sweet orange on the inhale and silky smooth cream on the exhale. Slurricane: Tropical blend of sweet fruits. On the inhale, guava and papaya refresh the palate. On the exhale, juicy peaches balance out the flavor profile. If you have yet to explore Ruthless E Juice collection, you are certainly in for a treat.