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VEIIK E-liquids Salt Vape Juice, 30mg Salt Nicotine (Same as Micko)

VEIIK E-Liquids are the newest addition to the already successful flavour lineup of VEIIK Vapor. The Veiik Micko Disposable lineup is already very successful due to its flavour quality. The same quality of flavour and vapour production is now available in the e-juice form in Pakistan. This is very exciting for existing open pod system users; you can continue to enjoy delicious VEIIK Nicotine Salt flavours while keeping it cost-efficient.

VEIIK E-Liquids Same as MICKO

VEIIK E-Liquids are the newest addition to the already successful VEIIK lineup. They are already providing some of the most in-demand disposable vapes in the Market. Their Micko range is widely known for its flavour and vapour quality. VEIIK is now offering the same high-quality flavours in the form of nicotine salt e-juice.

About VEIIK:

SHENZHEN WANNA TECH CO. LTD owns VEIIK. They are based in the electronic cigarette city of the world, Shenzhen.

They offer a wide range of Vape pods and Disposable vape pens. VEIIK is well known for its high-quality tasteful flavours and impressive vapour production.

VEIIK E-Liquids Prices in Pakistan:

Vapestation is now offering VEIIK E-juice liquids in 30ml nic salt bottles. Prices start at PKR 2499/-


Bottle Size: 30ml Nicotine Strength: 30mg/ml (3%) PG/VG Ratio:  50/50