5 Best E-Liquid Flavours for Your Vape in Pakistan

E-Liquid Flavour is just an ingredient for any vape but the value it adds if you get the perfect flavour to complement your e-cig is insane. You might not only be chasing the clouds of Vape pods but getting engrossed in every feel of its essence.

What do you need to get your hands on the perfect e-juice for Your E-cigarette? Here are some detailed insights about the best E-Liquid Flavour available in Pakistan and which brand offers those flavours in e-liquids. You all need something for your electronic cigarettes

Here are 5 Top options of flavours to choose from in your vaping experience.

Apple E-Liquid Flavour:

Apple flavour is one of the most preferred vape flavours in vape market. There are various flavours; even, If you are a fan of green ripped apple craving squirted Nectar or something sugary in the form of red apples, this flavour range is the best option for you. Some of the best and recommended options in this flavour are discussed below.

1) VGOD – Apple Bomb E-Liquid Flavour:

VGOD Apple Bomb contains all the rich, fruity flavoured essence to give your throat a satisfactory nicotine sensation with the blend of sweet candy and ripped apples. Moreover; This is the perfect choice of flavour if you are into juicy fruity flavours.

It also has another variant with Apple flavour that might go well with your taste buds. VGOD Iced Apple Bomb gives you that tart apple taste with a menthol and ice blend to make your summers cool.

2) Skwezed E liquids – Green Apple E-Liquid Flavour:

Skwezed Green Apple is the perfect flavour to satisfy your cravings as it got everything you need in an ideal juice to give you that chilled feel. The juicy taste of apple is enough to give your body an irresistible sensation. Another blended flavour is available complimenting apples for E- juice, such as Skwezed Green Apple Ice which blends ice and menthol with Ripped apples.

Mango E-Liquid Flavour:

Mango flavour is one of the most picked flavours of vapes. The juicy, tangy Nectar blended with different variants gives you satisfactory pleasure deep down your throat. It makes you experience the tropical gardens around you as if you have plucked the mangoes directly from your garden and squinched it deep down your throat.

Some of the brands that are offering the best Mango flavour for e-juice are 

Nasty Juice – Cush Man

This flavour contains the essence of fresh Mango to make your cravings satisfied. The tropical mango nectar compliments your vape Therefore, it is the perfect vape for people who love juicy, fruity and slushy flavour for their vape.

 There are some other juicy flavours that Nasty juice offers in mango flavours, such as the Nasty Juice Cush Man Series Mango Bananawhich contains the juicy Nectar of bananas and mangoes. Their Range contains some other blended variants of mango as well

SKWEZED E-Liquid Mango

The juicy Nectar of Mango is infused in it to make the perfect flavour to satisfy your taste buds. Skwezed E-Liquid Mango is one of the consumers most preferred mango flavours, ensuring you get the ideal concentration of smoke in your throat. It also offers Skwezed E-liquid Iced Mango flavour which is a blend of ice and Mango.

Menthol E-Liquid Flavour:

Firstly, This flavour gives you the refreshing feeling that you might have been missing the entire summer season. It is an alteration of mint that gives you refreshment with a subtle flavour and Most Importantly, It leaves an aroma in your mouth when you draw it down your throat.

Some of the top brands offering this flavour are 

 Naked 100:

This brand offers fruity flavours with a twist of menthol in it Therefore gives refreshing and perfect treat to vape lovers.

Some of its most loved menthol flavours are

  1. Naked 100 Hawaiian POG ICE
  2. Menthol Strawberry Pom
  3. Lava Flow Ice
  4. Menthol Berry

Skwezed Eliquids:

This brand offers some juicy flavours with squinched fruity nectars blended with a menthol ice effect. Some of its flavoured variants are

  1. Iced Grapefruit
  2. Iced Green Apple Iced Lychee
  3. Skwezed Eliquids Iced Mango
  4. Iced Peach
  5. Iced Watermelon

Berries E-Liquid Flavour:

A luscious, sweet and juicy flavour to satisfy your cravings is all you need. However, It will give you that fruity blast in your vape that everyone craves. 

IVG Juicy Range Forrest Berries ICE: 

This flavour Juicy Range Forrest Berries Ice for people who love the tart berry flavour in their vape. Hence, It is a mixture of black and red berries with the taste of juicy cherries in it.

Nasty Juice Berry Series Broski Berry:

Nasty Juice Berry Series Broski Berry is heaven for people who prefer juicy flavours for their vape as it is a fruity blend of blueberry, raspberry, cherry and aniseed.

Grape E-Liquid Flavour:

This is the best pick for people who love candy E-Liquid Flavours. This flavour will give you the best fruity chilled effect that your heart craves. Ripe grapes combined with different other flavours give everlasting satisfaction down your throat.

7 Daze ICED Reds Apple Grape E-Liquid Flavour: 

7 Daze ICED Reds Apple Grape is one of the best flavours in E-cigs that contains the essence of juicy grapes with a splash of juicy and luscious red apples. In conclusion, this flavour is irresistible for people who have fruity and sugary taste buds.

Cloud Nurdz ICED Grape Apple: 

 Cloud Nurdz offers this unique chilled flavour of ICED Grape Apple with the coolness of ice and the fruity mixture of juicy Grapes and crisp Apples Moreover It gives you a refreshing wave of fruity flavours down your throat.