Why is Juul the most Popular Vaping brand in Pakistan


What is Juul?

Juul is an American e-cigarette company that comes under Pax Labs. It produces electronic cigarettes with nicotine salt supplied in one-time-use cartridges.

It was founded by two graduate students Adam Bowen and James Monsees, in San Francisco.

After doing an extensive social media campaign for the brand, The brand managed to hold a market share of 72 % in September 2018. It has become the most popular e-cigarette in the US. Later on, the brand fell to 42% market share. The fall in market share was mainly due to competition from similar emerging brands such as RELX.

What makes Juul different?

Juul was the first one to introduce the Closed pod system for the very first time.

This closed pod system was the first type of pod device to take over the market because of its unique feature.

The company offers a closed pod system with a selection of flavours, and all you have to do is snap that pre-filled pod onto the device and vape it away.

Why is Juul so popular worldwide, including Pakistan?

Juul remains so popular because users find it very stylish, convenient and it has a great flavour.
Just like everywhere in the world, the popularity of this brand is because of its American origins.
Moreover, there are many reasons listed below that tell why this brand is amongst the most sought after vaping brands.

JUUL is convinient

Juul vapers find it a very convenient device because of the closed pod system. It is popular among the vapers who don’t want to put a lot of effort into enjoying the experience.

The closed pod system is convenient because they have to change the pod and place the pre-filled pod on the device.

There is no hassle of pouring the E-liquid into the pod. There are fewer chances of leakage, and the pod is pre-filled with juice, making it the most convenient vape stick.

A carefully selected range of flavours

Juul offers a carefully selected range of flavours designed to please the tastebuds of an Adult Vaper.


Juul pods are available in the following flavours:

  • Rich Tobacco
  • Cucumber
  • Glacier Mint
  • Royal Creme
  • Mango Nectar
  • Golden Tobacco
  • Alpine Berry
  • Menthol
  • Mint
  • Virginia Tobacco

Juul Sticks are best known for their sleek and elegant appearance

The device basics are as follows

  • Pod mouthpiece
  • Vape Stick
  • USB charging dock

Juul is widely considered a “Status Symbol” in Pakistan.

Juul Pods are generally more expensive to use compared with open pod systems. So convenience does come at a price. However, due to a higher cost and quality, it is perceived to be used mainly by affluent users.

During the survey, most Juul users confessed that they only use the Juul to put some class among their friends. The device its self is an elegant-looking beast that instantly gives a status symbol. Vapers chasing after this device is an example.

It is less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

Generally speaking, Vaping is way is less harmful than tobacco. Those who use it have been entirely impressed by its design and flavour. Additionally, this helps them quitting the traditional smoking habit.

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Juul users highly value its “Buzz”.

Juul is famous for its Buzz. What it means is after having Juul, the brain will release some yummy chemicals that will make you feel good and relaxed.
The nicotine takes few seconds to get into the brain, and when it gets there, it attaches itself to the receptors. These receptors control the level of dopamine in the body, and thus, dopamine releases in the body and buzzing starts. It’s a whole lot of experience and process.

Are there any drawbacks of using Juul?

Every upgraded version of anything comes with some drawbacks. The same goes with Juul pen, where people are running after it; some are not impressed with its features or flavours, which are no longer available.

Users have noted that the pod mouthpiece tends to lose with time as the user frequently uses it.
The juice window of the pods is “tiny”, so the user has to pull it out and see the level of juice inside.

Juul’s nicotine strength does not vary as it comes with standard strength, which some users may consider high.

Less common side effects of irresponsible use or overconsumption can be coughing, dry throat, sore throat, dry eyes, headaches, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, and shortness of breath.

So is IT worth it?

In short, YES!

Users who had been smoking for years were amazed to see the convenience and style.

Juul is an easy-to-carry vape stick, and modern users prefer convenience and style over cost. The closed pod system in Juul pen is worth the investment.

You can read more about Juul and Pax Labs here:

Where Can you buy Juul in Pakistan?

You can buy online from our website and have your order delivered anywhere in Pakistan.

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